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"An Imprint is a collection of messages — photos, videos, and notes — from friends and family for someone special. For a birthday, anniversary or just because, it's a gift they'll never forget."

The above text was extracted from the Imprint website (archive) at that time.

I worked remotely full-time for Imprint (archive) and had the opportunity to spend two months working in their office in Brooklyn, NYC. It was a wonderful experience to work for such a small startup, collaborating with every team member and seeing my work's massive impact on the product we were building.

Aside from working on the desktop web app, I had the chance to onboard new team members, rebuild the product landing page in a responsive way to support mobile devices, and lead the development of the product's mobile web app from scratch.

Some technologies used: JavaScript, Angular, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL.


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