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Deliver a seamless, more responsive user experience and get your MVP to market in as little as a few weeks with reduced development risk building on the new Next.js App Router and Vercel (used by companies like Nike and Adobe).

To showcase the power of this technology, I built OpenTask, an open-source MVP task management web application.

Discover how that technology accelerates time-to-market, improves customer satisfaction, and streamlines the developer experience – all critical to your bottom line.

The challenge

Today's users demand seamless and fast experiences across all devices. Still, traditional web development technology often results in poor user experiences, sluggish performance, and slow development cycles, leading to lower conversion rates, increased costs, and a competitive disadvantage.

The solution

Accelerated Time-to-Market

The support for React Server Components and Server Actions in the Next.js App Router leads to less code and fewer bugs, resulting in up to 30% faster development cycles than the already good Pages Router.

That translates to launching your MVP in as little as a few weeks rather than months, putting you ahead of the competition and enabling you to gain valuable user insights, validate your idea, and attract investors faster – all critical success factors for early-stage startups.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The Next.js App Router delivers lightning-fast page loads, optimized SEO, and seamless, responsive experiences across all devices.

That translates into a superior user experience that delights customers, boosts engagement, and increases conversions. Happier customers lead to greater brand loyalty, higher retention rates, and increased revenue.

Streamlined Developer Experience

The Next.js App Router is a comprehensive full-stack framework that enables developers to create products using only one programming language, JavaScript. Vercel is the go-to cloud platform for deploying and scaling Next.js applications.

Together, they significantly reduce the boilerplate code and tooling complexity, resulting in up to 30% smaller codebases (vs. the Pages Router) and less time managing infrastructure, empowering developers to deliver the features that drive business growth. All while increasing their satisfaction.

OpenTask: Powered by Next.js App Router

OpenTask is an open-source MVP task management web application built entirely with the Next.js App Router and Supabase.

While intentionally streamlined to showcase the technology, it delivers essential features, including:

  • Fast page loads, seamless user experience, and responsive web design across all devices.
  • Secure user authentication via popular OAuth providers (Google, LinkedIn, and more).
  • Easy-to-use tools to create, organize, and complete tasks, including a user-friendly date picker.

Proven performance: OpenTask demonstrates the Next.js App Router's capabilities, achieving excellent scores in Google's PageSpeed Insights:

  • Performance: 90[1]
  • Accessibility: 100
  • Best Practices: 100
  • SEO: 100

See for yourself: Explore OpenTask and discover how the Next.js App Router can accelerate your MVP development.

Are you interested in the engineering details behind OpenTask? Explore my in-depth article on building it with the Next.js App Router.

[1] Score achieved under a throttled (slow) network condition.

Your MVP Launch Collaborator

With over a decade of experience in full-stack product development and expertise in the Next.js App Router, I help early-stage startup leaders launch unique MVPs in record time. My approach prioritizes:

  • Seamless Collaboration: Clear communication and alignment on your product vision.
  • Tech-Driven Speed: Leveraging the App Router to minimize development overhead and maximize launch velocity.
  • Sustainable Quality: Building scalable, maintainable codebases that support your long-term growth.

I'm available today to discuss your startup product idea.

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