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Here you can find open-source software projects I've been building throughout my career. I invite anyone interested in analyzing my software engineering skills to look at these projects.


OpenTask is an open-source and responsive MVP task management web application I built with the new Next.js App Router in 2023.


I implemented VostokFramework between 2011-2012 as a robust Adobe Flash AS3 framework for loading, managing, and storing external assets (XML, SWF, JPG, etc.). It includes advanced features such as built-in localization, loading queues, cache control, and more.

VostokFramework was a great case study for me as it allowed me to study and apply several software engineering topics, including Design Patterns, Framework Design Guidelines, Test-Driven Development, Layered Architecture, and Domain-Driven Design. The result was a beautiful, carefully crafted Object-Oriented design based on best practices and patterns. The codebase is 77% covered by tests.


I implemented AS3Collections between 2010-2011 as a project based on the Java Collections Framework, aiming to be a standard solution for more elaborated data structures nonexistent in the AS3 language (e.g., Lists, Maps, Queues) for any Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR AS3 application or framework. The codebase is 95% covered by tests.


I implemented AS3Utils between 2010-2011 as a utility library composed of small solutions for daily, recurrent work, aiming to be a base utility library for any Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR AS3 application or framework.


I implemented AS3CoreAddendum between 2010-2011 as an architectural addendum to the core of the Adobe Actionscript 3.0 language. It was based on standards and patterns found in the Java and C# languages, aiming to be a base standard library for any AS3 application or framework.

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