I'm available to deliver your next SaaS MVP in 2-8 weeks, full-stack with the new Next.js App Router. Let's build your SaaS product.

Hi, I'm Flavio 👋

Flavio Silva

I'm a full-stack software engineer from Brazil with over two decades of professional experience, with the last 15 years working remotely. I've been leading front-end teams since 2007.

I have experience working directly with co-founders and designers throughout the feature spec and design process to deliver engaging and performant apps.

I've just shipped OpenTask, a free, open-source, fully functional, and responsive PWA MVP task management app. I wrote a case study about it.

I built it on TypeScript, React 18, the new Next.js App Router, Tailwind CSS, Supabase (Postgres), and Prisma. I set up CI/CD with GitHub Actions and deployed it to Vercel.

It leverages new features from React and Next.js, including React Server Components and Server Actions.

I designed Nexar, an application architecture for Next.js App Router apps while building OpenTask.

It's a rewarding time to be a full-stack engineer. I feel incredibly productive and satisfied with my work. I can write clean and modular code and deliver top-quality applications supported by unit and integration testing.

Over the past years, I've led the development of a cross-platform React Native Web app, sharing about 90% of the front-end codebase across the iOS, Android, and Web apps among other projects.

I'm available to work with TypeScript, React 18, Next.js App Router, Vercel, and GitHub Copilot! 🚀

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Florianopolis, Brazil
February, 2024


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