Hi, I'm Flavio 👋

Flavio Silva

I'm a Brazilian Full-Stack Software Engineer with 19 years of professional industry experience. I've been leading front-end teams since 2007 and working remotely from home since 2009.

Since 2018 I've specialized in building cross-platform React apps by implementing a single, responsive codebase, sharing about 90% of the front-end codebase with all platforms. That enables developers to build the codebase as native iOS and Android apps and as a web app for mobile and desktop browsers. Many businesses can benefit from such a tech strategy by drastically reducing costs and time to market.

I have also experience building back-end systems using tools like Node.js, Ruby on Rails, AWS AppSync, and GraphQL and applying advanced software engineering practices, including software architecture, testing, and CI/CD.

Please get in touch if you're looking to build full-stack cross-platform apps.


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Flavio is both fast and thorough. But I was particularly struck by the deep thoughtfulness and helpfulness he brought to the team, and by the smile and positive spirit he shared, every day.
Flavio not only has superb communication skills, but he's also a proactive problem solver. He will go above and beyond what is asked of him to make sure the team and the project will succeed.
Flavio came in a freelance developer to help us develop a large platform MVP for a client. He proved himself beyond valuable in ideas and execution. I would recommend him for any project challenge, as he will rise to the occasion.

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